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Financial Control


Financial control – oiling the engine of success

Might seem obvious but what is financial control? We define financial control as the management of financial resources such that legal compliance is in order but also, that finances are sustainable, costs are controlled, investment is managed to meet plans and risks are minimised.


Don’t allow yourself to get in a difficult situation

The consequences of inadequate financial control are usually manifest when cash-flow becomes a problem. At worst it can result in the demise of your business. And it can be successful companies (success in terms of growth) that can succumb to a failure of adequate financial control.

Having an experienced professional at the financial helm is a pre-requisite for good financial control. Guarding against the pitfalls and dangers a financial controller can also help steer decisions to ensure opportunities are realised.




We recognise that not all companies can afford the luxury of a full time professional controller. Also, there are times when organisations have a need for an interim controller.


Liberate yourself

We can help provide interim solutions and for businesses that cannot afford a full-time professional we can offer a part-time solution.



Make sure you have financial control. The alternatives are not so appealing!