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Turnarounds – Turning success out of failure

Many businesses experience times when their very survival hangs in the balance. A combination of factors can be a likely cause or a dramatic change in your market. It can all be overwhelming and difficult to deal with when you are inside the business fighting the situation from every angle.


When all the signals are on red

It may seem like there is no way to get going again. Radical action might be necessary but what?

Looking in from the outside

Often it is necessary to bring in some expertise from outside your business to take an impartial and detached view. We have experience in managing through difficult times. We can get to the cause of financial distress and will do all that we can to give your business the “green for go” again.


Our background is as Management Accountants. That means we are highly qualified finance professionals but with the added dimension that we have experience across all functions and have experience of turnaround situations. We bring pragmatism as well as in depth financial knowledge to bear on the problem.

Putting the pieces back together

Don’t let the situation get so bad that it is beyond repair. If time is on your side we will help you find a way to put the pieces of your business back together and provide you with a platform for achieving success again.