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Organisational problem solving – signpost to success

Whatever the problem in an organisation, it is increasingly the case that understanding the problem and making good decisions is becoming the basis of competitive advantage and value creation. The quality of decision making is likely to become a key area of differentiation. The outcome of the decision making process must be an impact on the business or organisational performance for the better.


Decisions set the pace and direction; the rest is follow through.

Given the primacy of decisions, a business can compete and succeed only if it consistently makes good decisions – or, at least, better than its rivals.

Yet how often do you hear “the problem is this and this is what we need to do”? Appropriate if the problem is not complex and the solution obvious. Alternatively, how often have you been in a meeting discussing an issue and hours later there is still no decision and the problem seems less understood than ever?

Solving problems is a clear application of process yet so often it is absent. There is a need to recognise when to encourage divergence in debate (when generating options) and when to encourage convergence (when selecting an option). Applying process and principles into behaviour will encourage teams to choose the best course of action, not just the most obvious.

Decision making is key to superior performance






At Accountability Impact we are well experienced at applying process to problem solving and decision making.


When decision quality needs to be high and you don’t feel you are getting there we can help guide you find your way.