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Change and Project Management – milestones to success


Change is a constant, affecting us all. In business and in any organisation we have to manage change effectively or else we risk not evolving to changed circumstances or to a more competitive level. Yet change is an emotive subject when it comes to behaviour. Misunderstand how to deal with change and it can be costly and damaging.


Change seen as an opportunity rather than threat

Respond to change we must. There are perceived degrees of change and it is not uncommon to meet with greater resistance the greater the perceived change. Much energy and time can be consumed in dealing with consequent fear and resistance to change. So how much better would it be if the approach to managing change at the outset can generate enthusiasm and energy because the challenge of dealing with it is seen as an opportunity?

Projects as the vehicle for change

Team based projects using milestone planning techniques can deliver necessary change but can also provide learning and motivational platforms. Careful consideration and planning as to who is involved and good communication throughout can stretch and improve your teams skills and capabilities. People when presented with a good chance to “win” at something will usually respond positively rather than resist.

A project in the simplest terms is about translating an idea into a benefit. It is like a journey but can involve different routes in order to get to your destination. The quickest may not always be the most effective

Our approach is to use milestone planning and to involve people in the inception of the project trying to get them to envision what the destination looks like. Acceptance of milestones delegates accountability and the whole effect is to have a project where people identify with the project and it success and the effort on average is higher and the stress on average is lower.


Whatever your driver for change. If you need some help in preparing your organisation or assistance on a project then we are happy to discuss an approach that will deliver maximum benefit for you.

We believe we can help you reach the finish line a “winner”.