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Process Management - from process to success


Processes are the bridge between what translate intent and action into outputs. They play a pivotal role in what makes an organisation tick. Processes can be unsatisfactory and even broken resulting in systemic problems. As time moves on processes can either become stuck or they grow cumbersome. Interestingly, it is not untypical to find that 20% of processes are automated which means that 80% are usually manual. Many vendors target the automation of processes and actually miss the fact that much of what drives an organisations performance is that greater part of process that is manual and its interaction with those that use it. Process design, functioning and management cannot be ignored.


We use and recommend Nimbus Control 2007 software as a tool for process management. It is versatile and easy to use.

Recently voted The Sunday Times “Best use of technology award”

With Nimbus Control 2007 you can manage and transform your business through process management. It does so by letting you fully understand and align all processes within your organisation. The great feature of Nimbus is that it is based on end user adoption. This engages users with better perspectives and knowledge of their part in process. It encourages continual improvement and facilitates it with scenario planning. It can incorporate performance metrics, activity based costing and can perform business impact analysis. 




The benefits of process management are:

·         Implementing a system forces overhaul and eliminates legacy waste;

·         End-user adoption encourages continual improvement in a controlled environment;

·         It can play a part in performance metrics and therefore influence positive behaviour;

·         It can integrate with other systems;

·         It can contribute toward business wide decision making;

·         Improves continuity when there are personnel changes.


Process mapping 

We use Nimbus Control 2007 ourselves for process mapping. Process mapping is a very useful tool for looking at effective use of resources within an organisation.

Typically you may be surprised to learn how much resource is consumed in what is called “diversionary activity”. If understood, this can be attacked and resources liberated in order to save costs or otherwise redeployed to bolster support and core activities.

Managing and understanding process is part of the path toward success in your organisation – we can help.