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Business design and Improvement – A roadmap for success


Is there such a thing as the perfect company or organisation? Imagine, everything aligned, nothing constrained, perfect vision and prescience. The holy grail of organisations. There may be some very good examples out there but none that can claim to be perfect. The nearest we come to this is where we have:

·         A young organisation that is lean and initially meets its customer requirements. Its people are driven and its processes are so new that they were conceived with clarity of purpose. Even so these young organisations are still usually constrained by cash and resources.

·         Very large organisations which are resource wealthy and so can afford the investment in the very best of people and processes. Here though, there is bound to be a measure of politics and bureaucracy.

The ideal is where perfectly conceived strategy is translated into appropriate action. The reality is usually rather different and more complex!

New companies evolve as do the markets in which they operate. The external environment might throw up new legislation or economic conditions impact with upturn and downturn. People come and go, processes and ways of working change with time. Legacy systems and everything else exert inertia on the whole structure. Developing strategy and translating it into action now entails risk and the whole situation is rather more problematic. Eventually the roadmap and route that the organisation thought it was following may become obscured by gathering storm clouds!

Business design and Improvement – how we can help

We have a very clear view of how organisations function. That is not to claim that we know more about your business but rather to suggest that there are some “back to basics” approaches that should highlight where improvements can be made. By using a framework which is systematic we can explore the pressure points and reveal (if you are not already aware) where problems exist.

Equally, our analytical framework can reveal where opportunities previously unrecognised and unexplored exist. Opportunities might arise from:

·         Leveraging assets – people, know how, technology, products and markets;

·         Efficiency drives – expose diversionary activity, eliminate waste and smart processes;

·         New strategies – New ideas and perspectives may lead to new initiatives and tactics.

Overall our solution is what we call a roadmap for change via business design and improvement.

·         We work with management teams to understand the current business model and its performance;

·         We explore the gap between this and the desired model to create the roadmap for change.

The crux of our solution is that it is Change by design, not by default.